An Open Letter (Plea) to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on your victory. The American people have spoken, and while I did not support you, I do believe in our democracy so I will respect the outcome of this election. My frustration is passing, my denial is lifting and as difficult as it feels at this moment, I’ve decided that all I can do is have hope for the future, and write to say what I believe.

I will not say that the election was rigged because the candidate I supported lost. I will not call you names and I will not throw insults at you in an attempt to tear you down. I will not do that, because not only would that be childish, it would be un-American. And despite the fact that you did all of those things time and time again throughout your campaign and still managed to win, I refuse to believe that makes them right.

When I turned off the election coverage last night I went to bed sick to my stomach. The results were not final, but it was clear what was coming. I tossed and turned in bed wanting desperately to reach for my phone to check for updates but I resisted. I resisted in part because I wanted to hold on to a glimmer of hope, and in part because I knew if I looked and discovered the truth, I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.

Even though I already knew what I would see when I woke up, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions triggered by the results. As I lay in bed, reading article after article in an attempt to understand how and why this happened, I began to cry. Not just for myself, but for all Americans, for all children and for all of the world.

You see Mr. Trump, not only does the President lead our country, he serves as a symbol—a symbol of hope, courage, freedom and inspiration. The world is watching you, Mr. Trump, and that is why I cry. I feel ashamed that I will have to explain to my young niece and nephews that just because our President calls people “losers,” it doesn’t mean they can do the same. Ashamed that when I travel to other countries I’ll have to explain that just because I am an American, it doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant or that I believe in discriminating against immigrants based on their religion. Ashamed that one day I’ll have to explain to my own children that just because our President judges a woman’s worth based on her appearance, that doesn’t make it right.

I want to live in an America that values acceptance, equality and kindness. As of this morning, I fear that we have regressed back into prejudice, divisiveness and hate. This is why I plead with you, Mr. Trump: be mindful of your words and your actions. Please understand that you are no longer responsible for just yourself and your company—you are now responsible for an entire nation and we’re counting on you. Words are powerful, and every word you speak, type or Tweet will represent America and will be heard by the entire world. I hope with every ounce of my being that you take that to heart. Political campaigns tend to bring out the worst in a person, and I can only trust that the dangerous rhetoric you’ve used over the past two years can now shift into messages that are worthy of this most precious and powerful position you’ve been elected to—the highest position in the land and arguably the world.

Your outrageous comments and the candid manner in which you “tell it like it is” may have won over some voters, but if any other traditional candidate made just one of the hundreds of incredibly offensive remarks you made, their bid would have ended long ago. It’s often said that celebrities are above the law, and your campaign proved that to be true.

Make no mistake, Mr. Trump, many Americans voted for you not because they like you or even agree with you, but because they want change and they’re willing to take it at any cost. They feel that D.C. is broken, and I tend to agree. However, your victory should not and does not validate your behavior on the campaign trail. It does not give you license to continue to put others down or call them a “dummy,” “clown” or “liar” if they disagree with you. A true leader recognizes that he doesn’t know it all and that he isn’t always right. A true leader understands that conflict brings forth the opportunity for growth. A true leader listens to others and considers their opinions because he understands that is how we progress.

I was shocked to hear you say in your victory speech that you want to meet with the people who didn’t support you so that you can understand their points of view—that is probably the most encouraging thing I’ve heard you say in your entire campaign, and I truly hope it foreshadows a more tolerant and accepting tone for your Presidency.

I’m well aware that in the excruciatingly small chance you actually read this letter, I will be dismissed as a “wacky nobody” or a “sore loser,” and if that’s what you want to think then so be it. But I am still an American and you will still be my President, so I implore you to take this plea into consideration as you lead me and the millions of others of Americans who believe that we are a nation that treats each other with respect; one where all men, women and children are created equal.

Please be a President whose words and actions will make us proud.

Best regards,

Lisa Konen

Los Angeles, CA

Rebel Yell


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As most of you know, my personal style often sways toward a rock & roll aesthetic. I naturally gravitate to anything with leather, fringe or studs and believe that boots are (almost) always a good idea.

After psychoanalyzing myself, my unprofessional opinion is that perhaps I like to create a tough exterior to balance out my rather soft interior. I’m naturally a fairly shy people-pleaser so sometimes I want to project that I’m a badass. Enter the black and leather. In a way it makes me feel powerful. Like if my outfit says “don’t fuck with me,” then no one will. Plus, I really just like the way it looks.





Vest: Coalition. Pants: BCBGMAXAZRIA. Ring: dannijo. Sunglasses: Gucci. Shoes: Zara.

One Piece, Two Piece


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It’s almost embarrassing how excited I get when I discover a new way to style pieces I’ve had in my closet for a while. While this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent romper gets plenty of time off the hanger, this BCBG top hardly ever gets to venture out into the world.

I’m not sure why, it’s a cute piece, but it just never seems to be quite right. With blue jeans it feels too basic, with black it feels clashy. It’s just one of those things where you put it on with every intention of wearing it, but 10 pant-changes later you just end up scrapping it before you leave the house.

But, alas, I have found its match! Here’s how it happened: I was staring at my closet, trying to find a light coverup to wear over this sleeveless romper when suddenly this blue hue caught my eye. I noticed how complementary the colors are, so I slipped it on and voila! My one-piece romper became a new two-piece look, and my neglected top got some well-deserved wear time. All it took was a little creative styling.



Top: BCBGMAXAZRIA. Romper: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Sunnies: Balmain. Boots: Deena & Ozzy

Come As You Are


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The wannabe rocker side of me feels right at home in a good grunge look. Leggings, boots, layers and a graphic tee – four of my favorite things and pretty much the basis for my casual, everyday looks. Must be the ’90s kid in me.



Beulah shirt. GUESS tank. Topshop leggings. Gucci sunnies. Pour la Victoire boots.

Laser Cut Luxe


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The trick to adding interest to an all-black look is all in the details. I got this faux-leather laser cut top a while back and it’s become a regular in my rotation (also featured on this post). I played around with silhouettes a bit by teaming it with some slouchy harem-style sweatpants (you know how I love pajama dressing!) and pinning my hair back on one side for a little extra drama. It’s the little things that make all the difference.


I had to share this shot that caught my engagement ring in just the right light. ET phone home!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!

Top: English Rose. Pants: Nation Ltd. Sunglasses: D&G. Shoes: Zara.

Black & White + Pop of Pink


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No matter what, black and white always looks good. Always. If you ever find yourself in the just-slept-through-your-alarm-and-have-to-rush-out-of-the-house panic, throw on something black and white and you’ll look runway worthy in no time.

If you really want some wow factor (that also happens to serve as an amazing distraction from your lack of morning mirror time), add a shot of boldly bright lip color. This one is MAC Candy Yum Yum, and I highly recommend it for an instant anytime pick-me-up.

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!



Jacket: Joe’s Jeans. Dress: Marciano. Sunglasses: Gucci. Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target.

Catwoman Chic


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Unless you’ve recently been cast as Scarlett Johansson’s replacement in the next Avengers movie, you might have given up on your dream of zipping into a skin tight black jumpsuit and parading through the city.

Well fear not. Thanks to the ’70s/’90s resurgence of denim jumpsuits, your sartorial superhero fantasies are now within reach.

To keep the look more modern and less Jenny from the Block, style it with current pieces like a leather bomber and cat eye sunnies. Crime-fighting skills not included.




Jacket: Joe’s Jeans. Denim Jumpsuit: GUESS. Sunglasses: Gucci. Shoes: H&M.

Serious Saturation


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I admit that I probably like leggings more than I should. I have a pretty extensive collection and am always open to expanding it. Comfort is a big factor in my sense of style, and leggings never disappoint.

I picked up this pair at H&M a year or so ago. The vivid colors, the not-too-sweet floral print…It was “need” at first sight. My suede wedges bring out the bright red in the print, so I kept my upper half more neutral to avoid ending up like a box of crayolas.

What’s your stance on leggings, pro or anti? Let me know in the comments or tweet/Instagram me @herwritemind.


Shirt: Beulah. Tank: Primp. Leggings: H&M. Sunnies: Michael Michael Kors. Shoes: DV Dolce Vita.

My friend Carly was also rocking some bright suede wedges, so obviously we had to document.


Daytime Pajama Party


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I know it’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from me, and for that I’m truly sorry! I’ve been gone but you have not been forgotten. Such a bummer when things like work and obligations get in the way of fun…

So, in order to post more often than once every five months, the iPhone is going to have to suffice for pics (at least for the time being). My photographer is a bit preoccupied finishing up his MBA while simultaneously navigating a new job. When he’s not doing that, he also moonlights as my doting husband. Basically he lends new meaning to the notion of being busy.

Ok, on to the outfit! For those days when getting out of bed is a form of pure torture, the pajama trend is such a saving grace. Wide-leg silk pants and an oversized sweater are about as comfy as you can get while still looking put together. To get the proportions right, opt for a sweater that hits at your hips in the front (the back can be a bit longer) and slip on some wedges for a few extra inches of leg.

Glad to be back! Thanks for reading.


Sweater: H&M. Pants: Zara. Sunglasses: Balmain

We’ll Always Have Paris


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Twinkling trees along the magnificent Champs Elysees, glimmering cityscapes from atop the Arc de Triomphe, hourly sparkles from La Tour Eiffel… The City of Light definitely earns its moniker, and it shines even brighter during the holidays. After only three days, we fell under the magic spell of Paris and its… je ne sais quoi. From leisurely meals at any hour to indulgent pastries on every corner (made with REAL SUGAR and REAL BUTTER!), Parisians sure know how to enjoy life, and we overstimulated Americans can learn a thing or two about their outlook.

While there were so many special moments that left us awestruck, I’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites. Enjoy!

CHAPTER 1: The musts – Arc, Eiffel Tower & Notre dame





Chapter 2: Love locks & Capes



Paris_Cape Paris_Cape2

chapter 3: the louvre

Paris_Louvre Paris_Louvre2 Paris_Louvre3 Paris_Louvre4 Paris_Louvre6   Paris_LouveML

chapter 4: ville de lumière (& Pastries)