About Her

When I was five years old I have memories of running into my closet and changing outfits every time I was told we were leaving the house. I simply had to have the right look for where we were headed. In kindergarten, one day I had trouble deciding which shoe looked better with my outfit. When I turned to my mom for a second opinion, she said, “Wear both!” While wearing two different shoes now would be a major fashion don’t, as a kindergartner it was true innovation.

Fashion has always been a major focus in my life. I am constantly drawn to it, and I’m a firm believer that your style is your chance to express yourself to the world. It’s a direct reflection of your personality, which is exactly why you should have fun with it.

As a fashion copywriter, I get to talk about clothes and trends most days of the week. On this blog, I get to talk about MY clothes and trends (and other various things that come up along the way.)

Follow along and be inspired.

Dress on!


1 thought on “About Her”

  1. loving your blog 🙂 xx preethi

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