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With the ability to make or break an outfit, the importance of choosing the right jewelry can be compared to choosing the right undergarments. Sometimes you need lots of coverage and sometimes it’s better to take a minimalist approach. Either way, it’s essential.

Enter Katie Dean Jewelry. Described as “Jewelry for the Boho-City Gal,” Katie Dean’s collections offer playful, statement pieces that transform a look along with simple, delicate styles that are ideal for everyday wear. With her something-for-everyone designs and handmade, attention-to-detail quality, Katie Dean is making her mark as a go-to jewelrymaker for style-setters everywhere.

Beautiful worn alone and even better when stacked and layered in true boho spirit, each unique piece looks as if it carries its own story. I’ve been rocking my Forever and Always bracelets along with some other bangles — I love how they mix and match with just about everything, and I always get compliments. The Wishbone necklace has been an everyday staple since the day it arrived. It’s the kind of basic that you never have to take off and always adds a little something shiny to your look.

A few of my other favorite picks:

1. Destiny Awaits You Necklace

2. Forever and Always Bracelet Set of 8

3. Dare Devil Necklace

Take a look and see for yourself why Katie Dean should be on your fashion radar. I know it won’t be long before she’s a household name in the jewelry world and you can say you wore her first. Shop her need-to-own collection online at katiedeanjewelry.com and be sure to browse her lookbook for some styling inspiration.