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I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Christmas morning, wherever you are. We’re listening to Christmas music (obviously) and I was inspired to write a little carol of my own based on all the traveling we did this past 10 days. After bouncing around from LA to NYC to Phoenix to Tucson and back to LA, we definitely logged our fair share of holiday travel mileage. So here it is, set to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas” (final verse only). Go ahead, sing it out loud. It’s quite fun.

What I went through this past week of Christmas traveling:

12 yummy cookies
11 gifts for wrapping

10 cards addressing
9 vodka sodas
8 taxi cab rides
7 shopping trip runs
6 airport visits
5 pounds gained
4 baggage fees
3 Elf viewings
2 Christmas dinners
and a pair of dog-chewed black flats!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

santapuppiesCan you guess which one chewed my shoes?