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As if Chanel needed to remind anyone that they are arguably the most iconic and influential fashion house ever, they’ve been on a heritage kick lately that takes us inside their nearly century-long reign.

A turning point in the history? Marilyn Monroe’s declaration of love for the signature scent, No. 5. In an interview, the ever-so-mysterious Monroe brilliantly answers the quite-illicit question, “What do you wear to bed?” with a giggle and, “Just a few drops of No. 5.” Even without the dedicated PR reps and intense media coaching that starlets receive these days, Miss Monroe understood how to flawlessly maintain her image. She knew how to reveal just enough and still leave them wanting more—a skill we all wish we could master (at least I do).

With this one off-hand comment, Monroe catapulted the fragrance into a new realm of popularity, where it continues to remain. She also revealed the lucrative potential of the designer/celebrity relationship, which is now a vital part of the equation for the success of any brand. Cheers, Miss Monroe, for continuing to inspire us to pursue a life of beauty, passion and enjoyment.

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