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Is it just me, or is everything at Zara #totesamaze right now? The last few times I’ve been in there, I find myself wishing they had shopping carts because my arms are hurting from carrying around all my fab finds. I’ve always been a fan of the European-born chain, but I’d maybe buy one or two things a season. This season is on another level.

For their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, they have definitely stepped up their game in the design and production departments. There are so many things I want that I could easily spend an entire paycheck there in one afternoon. Their quality has also improved quite a bit, and while that has slightly driven up some of the price points, the product is so appealing that I don’t mind. It still gives you designer-worthy looks at a fraction of the price. So I say go ahead…indulge.

Some of my need-to-own favorites (you’ll notice there are many):

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Ordered from Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. Leather Biker Coat  2. Asymmetric Silk Top  3. Flocked Leggings  4.Shopper Bag

5. Flat Boot    6. Basketweave Coat   7. Blouse with Studs

8. Tri-Tone Heels   9. Bowling Bag  10. Layered Studio Blouse 11. Leather Biker Jacket

12. Mini Messenger Bag   13. Lace and Leather Dress    14. Studded Ankle Boot

15. Waistcoat  16. Knitted Cardigan  17. Shirt Collar  18. Fringed boots

19. Puff-Sleeve Dress  20. Peplum Belt  21. Picot Cape