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Sears is known for a lot of things, fashion is not one of them. Every Kardashian (and every Jenner) could have her own line there (and I’m sure we’ll see a Kendall/Kylie for Sears line soon), and I still wouldn’t shop there. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry – it’s the truth. However, as someone who understands the importance of brand image and knows how difficult re-branding can be, I have to say this new Sears commercial is spot on.

First of all, NOTHING ABOUT IT makes you think it’s Sears. A young couple on a beach, running around without a care in the world…it feels more Quicksilver/American Eagle/Free People for the first 18 seconds. Second, the catchy song by Chappo supports that free-spirited image. And lastly, it has a major sense of humor. Young, catchy and comical. No sane person would use those words to describe Sears. While one commercial does not a brand image change, it definitely got my attention, which is a tough first step.

But I’m still not shopping there.

Song: “Come Home” by Chappo